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MANZANITA — The Manzanita Writers’ Series offers “Winter Wordplay” mini-workshops every other Tuesday from Jan. 8 through March 19. The events take place 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Hoffman Center for the Arts’ Writing Lounge.

On the Tuesday “prompt-writing days,” you’ll learn a bit about craft and then apply that lesson immediately as everyone in the group writes to the same prompt. The drop-in fee is $5. Join the group for one or all sessions.


• Jan 8: “Movement for Writers,” with Kathie Hightower:

All that sitting while writing can wreak havoc with our bodies. Learn simple moves to avoid carpel tunnel, text neck, shoulder and back pain to keep your writing flow going. Bring a yoga mat or towel and wear loose clothing. The writing prompt is tied to the body.

• Jan. 22: “Creating Effective Dialogue,” with Andy Barker:

We will practice the use of dialogue to develop character and voice, to advance plot, and to convey conflict and subtext.

• Feb. 5: “Experimenting with Point of View,” with Vera Wildauer:

Try out different points of view and explore when each is most effective.

• Feb. 19: Metaphor: “‘It’s Like This,’” with Emily Ransdell:

We’ll practice finding fresh ways to tell our readers how this is like that, using metaphor to help your readers see with new eyes.

• March 5: “Senses: Light up Your Reader’s Brain,” with Kathie Hightower:

Learn the fascinating research on how reading about senses lights up different parts of your brain.

• March 19: “Emotions Expressed in the Body,” with Mark Scott Smith:

We will learn how to write about emotions that are experienced as sensations in the physical body.

The Manzanita Writers’ Series is a program of the Hoffman Center for the Arts. The center is at 594 Laneda Ave. More information is available at, or contact Hightower at

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