Michelle Zilli

Michelle Zilli

This week, Michelle Zilli, director of the Naselle Timberland Regional Library, is sharing some book recommendations for “What’s on your bookshelf?”

Here are Zilli’s book recommendations.

Book 1

1. ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ by Walter Tevis

“I noticed this on Netflix the other day, and as I always like to read the book before the movie, I started listening to the audio version. (It’s) fascinating,” Zilli said.

“Not being a chess player, I don’t have a good grasp on the moves or strategy, but Tevis manages to instill such a sense of drama and passion that I find myself riveted by this story of an abandoned young girl whose mind is so captured by the game that she will do anything to play — and win.”

Book 2

2. ‘The Big Book Series’ by Yuval Zommer

“Zommer has a series of Big Books; ‘The Big Book of Bugs,’ ‘The Big Book of Beasts,’ ‘The Big Book of the Blue’ — designed for kids but interesting for all ages,” Zilli said. “They are big and beautifully illustrated.

“I am enjoying just sitting and paging through them, picking up little facts about our world. For example, the wonderfully named ‘Ogrefish’ has long sharp fangs that point inward to prevent prey from escaping — or, a horsefly can fly as fast as a car can drive — up to 90 miles an hour. I might have to buy these as well. Sigh.”

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