Nikki Davidson

Nikki Davidson

What is more exhilarating than a summer road trip to the coast?

You never know what you might find at the end of the trail. In my case, a cross-country adventure to the Pacific Ocean led me to this job opportunity as the new editor of Coast Weekend.

It all started in the steamy Louisiana heat. I packed as much as I could into a small, trusty camper to hit the open road out of New Orleans. Wedged between the bug spray, lawn chairs and cooking supplies hung my husband’s U.S. Coast Guard uniform crisp and ready to make a good first impression.

We weren’t just traveling for a summer getaway, we were headed to a new home. My husband has served in the Coast Guard for 17 years, and was assigned to a new role at Cape Disappointment in Washington state.

Camper Photo

The start of the trip from Louisiana to the North Coast.

As we drove 2,100 miles from the bayou to the rocky Pacific coast, we didn’t let an adventure go to waste. We hiked in Appalachia, cruised through the rolling cornfields of the Midwest and explored the vast canyons of the Mountain states.

Trip Picture

Exploring Goblin Valley State Park in Utah on the way to the North Coast.

Twelve states later, we finally rolled into Astoria. Typically, the end of an exciting vacation can be lackluster, but in this case the boredom never came. Instead, we found an endless amount of outdoor entertainment, a rich history, thriving local artist community and menus that reflect a talented and eclectic food and beverage scene.

When I was offered the role of Coast Weekend editor, I knew the real adventure had just begun. As a journalist who has worked around the country at local TV stations as a reporter and anchor for 10 years, I understand the importance of quality local storytelling. There’s no better role than getting to share and celebrate the voices of the people who make a place so special.

I can’t wait to help showcase all the North Coast has to offer with locals and visitors alike.

Have you found a natural wonder you want to share? Do you know of an amazing event coming up? Is there a local artist people need to know about? Please tell me the stories you want to read and let me know about events happening in your area. You can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Nikki Davidson is the editor of Coast Weekend. Contact her at 515-577-0005 or at

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