ASTORIA — The Second Saturday Astoria Art Walk will be held from noon to 8 p.m. on Saturday. Attendees are expected to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines.

1. Lower Columbia Q Center, 171 W. Bond St.

Featuring several new and local artists within the LGBTQIA+ community.

2. Paul Polson Studio Gallery, 100 10th St.

Showcasing paintings by Carrie Williams, whose works combine the qualities of impressionism and abstract expressionism. Also featuring some new landscape paintings of Manzanita, created by Paul Polson, for an upcoming show at Hoffman Center for the Arts.

3. Angi D Wildt Gallery, 106 10th St.

Presenting painter Richard Burke, whose work reflects “nature’s ever varying harmonies of light and space.”

4. West Coast Artisans Gallery, 160 10th St.

Showcasing pen and ink sketches by Chris Brant, aerial photos of Astoria by Mark Hutchings and oil paintings by Michael Muldoon.

5. Astoria Institute of Music and Center for the Arts, 1159 Marine Drive

Presenting portraits and landscape paintings by Dave Ambrose; “intense dreamscape paintings” by Natalie Orr; abstract paintings by Alex Trevino; pottery by local artist TKO and surreal art by Lisa Ackerman. Live music will be performed. Call 503-395-1221 for an appointment outside of art walk hours or to participate in projects.

6. Astoria Underground Tours, 1125 Marine Drive

Showcasing “Music & Musings,” a visual collection of artist Sid Deluca’s musings, accompanied with dance beats. The show can be viewed on foot or by car. Underground tours may be available, pending state guidelines on group gatherings.

7. Imogen Gallery, 240 11th St.

Featuring “Metamorphosis,” a collection of paper-cut assemblages by artist Kim Hamblin. Hamblin’s work connects her passions of artistry and farming. In this collection, pieces reflect on “considering disease, climate change and political strife in making a global impact, while also holding onto optimism for a brighter future for all.”

8. RiverSea Gallery, 1160 Commercial St.

Presenting “Emotional Alignments,” which features abstract paintings by Astoria artist Dayna Collins. Each image offers “an exuberant burst of color to welcome 2021.” She will be present in the gallery from 5 to 8 p.m.

9. Oscar de’ Masi Studio and Gallery, 1145 Commercial St.

Featuring new pieces by local artist Oscar de’ Masi, handcrafted furniture by Michael Demasi and watercolor paintings by Karl Hauer.

10. Astoria Visual Arts, 1000 Duane St.

Showcasing “Willamette Line” a video projection by Stephen Slappe, which depicts the distance between the mouth of the Willamette River and Willamette Falls as a continuous moving line of video.

11. Vaulted Gallery, 1389 Duane St.

Featuring panoramic landscape photography by James Crowe; wooden tables, lamps and sculptures by JR Moyer; abstract paintings by Jen Crowe; and landscape paintings by Scott Vaughan and Maquette Reeverts. Bronze, silver and steel artisan jewelry will also be featured.

12. IGNITE! Mega Light Installations, across Astoria

Presenting “IGNITE! Mega Light Installations,” a series of installations by Portland’s Mobile Projection Unit, hosted by Astoria Visual Arts. Four outdoor venues will feature the installations from 7 to 9 p.m. (maps available at Installations feature collaborations with regional and international artists.

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