Fairweather 1

'North Coast Gold' by Lee Munsell, shown at Fairweather House and Gallery.

SEASIDE — The Seaside First Saturday Art Walk will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday.

SunRose 1

A mosaic mandala created by Angie Heinrich, featured at SunRose Gallery.

1. SunRose Gallery, 606 Broadway St.

Presenting a variety of mosaics including venetian glass mirrors by Angie Heinrich; cut-up credit cards by Mari Walker; sand dollars by Mimi Cernyar Fox; stained glass by Anna Meyrick Kirkpatrick; and broken china by Jane Perrigo and Cathy Tippin. Additional featured art includes spirit dolls made by Jan Barber; upcycled art by Patty Thurlby; felted wall sculptures by Robin Montero; and alcohol inks by Rosalie Kruissink and Jeanette Corriell.

Pacific Heirloom 1

A vintage shell mirror, featured by Pacific Heirloom and Collectables.

2. Pacific Heirloom Art and Collectables, 608 Broadway St.

Featuring a collection of shell-crusted mirrors, including seashells and oyster shells. Vintage and luxury coastal shell-inspired designs and décor are also featured.

Fairweather 2

A decorative box created by Gayle H. Seely, featured at Fairweather House and Gallery.

3. Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway St.

Showcasing the gallery’s new exhibit, “ON YOUR MARKS,” which features regional artists Gayle H. Seely, Diane Copenhaver, Mary Burges and Lee Munsell. The show features new art specially created for the upcoming coastal high season. Pastel art by Susan Mitchell will also be featured. Neal Maine, naturalist and wild photographer, will lead a habitat lecture at 6 p.m.

TigerLily 1

Copper art by Don Dye, featured by TigerLily Gallery.

4. TigerLily Gallery, 613 Broadway St.

Featuring Washington state artist Don Dye, who creates copper artwork.

5. The Whet Spot, 12 N. Holladay Drive

Presenting a display of regionally-made art. Patrons can enjoy craft beers, ciders and wines.

6. Starry Night Inn and Art Hotel, 811 First Ave.

Featuring original art and prints from Portland-based artists. Each room of the hotel features unique pieces.

Find additional original art during the day at Seaside Coffee House, 3 N. Holladay Drive; Seaside Fiber and Yarn, 10 N. Holladay Drive; Bliss Mercantile & Brocante, 734 Broadway St.; Seaside Antique Mall, 726 Broadway St.; and at Rust and Dust Vintage, 810 Broadway St.

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