ASTORIA – Astoria Visual Arts has two exceptional local artists, Celeste Endlich and Sally Lackaff, working in two downtown studios January through April as part of the AVA artist-in-residence (AVA a-i-r) program.

Endlich is new to Astoria but not to the North Coast. Much of her recent work is done as black-and-white line drawings on circular canvases, but she also likes to paint with watercolors and draw with charcoal. Endlich explores themes of mental health, identity and the human experience. Her work is serious and playful, and incorporates dark humor. The past two years she worked and lived in Thailand, where she had her first solo exhibition.

Lackaff, a native of Clatsop County, is a self-taught illustrator and author. Since age 18, Lackaff has built a career around art and gardening. Highlights include illustrating more than 10 books, designing logos and painting signs for businesses from Manzanita to Astoria, filling prominent restrooms with murals, and writing and illustrating interpretive signage. She lives in Astoria with her artist/musician husband, Roger Hayes.

AVA a-i-r, begun in March 2015, is designed to encourage the creative, intellectual and professional growth of local artists. The program is supported by AVA members and the generosity of the Astoria Coffee House & Bistro and Studio 11.

For more information about AVA or to learn more about the AVA a-i-r program, visit

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