1. The Art Loft

106 Third St.

Featuring Rhona Gewin and Jane McGeehan. Gewin creates whimsical and incredibly clever metal sculptures out of kitchen steamers, baby cups and almost anything metal. See her flying bicycle and you’ll understand. McGeehan’s masterful watercolors, a variety of vivid scenes, are sure to delight the most discerning art lover. Join us from 1–4 p.m. just above Dots N’ Doodles.

2. WineKraft

80 10th St. (Pier 11)

Featuring work from six local artists, as well as live music starting around 7 p.m. Sip wine, eat and enjoy the arts. We are the perfect location for you to wrap up your art walking!

3. Paul Polson Gallery

100 10th St.

Will be presenting his Pipe Series. There are new oil paintings, as well as smaller oil paintings from the Strata Series.

4. Blue Collar Collective

106 10th St.

We are excited to begin showing original art, mixed media sculpture, banners and paper arts, in addition to photographic prints from local artists. New items from Pacific Northwest artists arriving daily. Letter Writing Social and free studio time during Art Walk, as always!

5. McVarish Gallery

160 10th St.

Presenting the haunting monotype work of Nanette Wallace, a featured artist in the book “The Printmaking Ideas Book” by Octopus Publishing, London.

Her use of ghost imagery and various distressing methods, give the pieces a feeling of snapshots from a surreal past come to life. This powerful body of work was the inspiration for the Astoria Freak Show in the Secret Gallery that will be running concurrently with Art Walk.

6. Astoria Freak Show at the Secret Gallery

160 10th St

Produced by Chris Minnick, the Astoria Freak Show is a celebration of nature and human abilities in a circus sideshow setting. After the Freak Show, “The Circus Has Left Town” will open. Created by immersive installation artist Sondra Carr with the help of ACCA members, Freak Show volunteers and sponsors, the Secret Gallery has been trans- formed an entire circus inside a gallery.

7. Astoria Underground Tours

1125 Marine Drive

Stop by and find a wonderfully wacky gift or beautiful refurbished furniture.

8. Imogen Gallery

240 11th St.

See lush and spectacular photographs of Deb Stoner who combines her skills as photographer, researcher and gardener along with meticulous detail to create dramatic still life imagery. Reminiscent of Dutch masters, she weaves complex mazes of texture and color within each composition. Scale and precision are always at the forefront of her work.

9. Cargo

240 11th St.

Spring is here lots of fun T-shirts and kitchenware and cookbooks and decorations for parties

10. Luminari Arts

1133 Commercial St.

Luminari Arts features a trunk show of handbound journals crafted by local Jacob Storm Detherage. Come meet the artist and a see a demonstration of the making of this upcycled hard cover book journals. Music with Michael Metzner and brothers Luke and Olaf Ydstie.

11. Forsythea

1124 Commercial St.

Stop in during Art Walk to see how we are changing and growing. Enjoy some refreshments and up a last-minute gift for the “Mom” in your life! See you soon!

12. Holly McHone Jewelers

1150 Commercial St.

Creating unique and individual custom designed jewelry. Create something new with your own gemstones or find out how Holly can be your personal diamond shopper in Antwerp Belgium, the diamond capital of the world.

13. RiverSea Gallery

1160 Commercial St.

In Poetry of Gesture, expressionist paintings by Portland artist L. McDonald explore emotion and relationships through gesture and body language. In the Alcove, Vancouver painter Michael Lindstrom presents abstracted landscapes, lushly rendered in oil on panel.

14. The Art Stall

1268 Commercial St.

Welcoming two new artists to our group. Nyssa Desmond, who uses ink on paper to create nautical and literary-based works. Also joining recently is Red Carritte, who uses colorful leather paints in Zentangle designs on leather purses and wallets.

15. TEMPO Gallery

1271 Commercial St.

Featuring new paintings by Phyllis Taylor who captured local imagery in both watercolor and acrylic. Also meet other Tempo artists and enjoy live music by Peter Unander.

16. Creations Studio & Gallery

1396 Duane St.

Add some more fun to your Art Walk experience by creating your own mini mosaic for only $5 for first-timers at Creations! Even kids 5 and up can participate. We’re just around the corner at 14th and Duane Streets.

17. Bridge and Tunnel Bottleshop and Taproom

1390 Duane St.

Katie George will be showcasing a large wood-burning of the 1980 Mount St. Helen’s eruption. She will also be showing smaller burnings detailing the progression of the eruption and the current state of the mountain.

18. Penpoint Gallery inside WORLD

1310 Duane St.

The Penpoint Art of Pat Kankkonen, unseen for three decades, is now in the light. Remarkable ability to see and draw amazing detail led Kankkonen to create stunning reflections of nature’s purity as well as blending with mankind’s additions: farms and fences, grand architecture, ships, trains.

19. Munktiki Gallery

1241 Duane St.

Munktiki Art Gallery has opened, offering a fun time for all. Colorful ceramic mugs and beer steins produced by Munktiki! Paintings by Debba Debba done in acrylic pen and ink medium. Features 3-D effects with strong color and influences of tiki art.

20. Oscar d’Masi Studio & Gallery

395 11th St.

d’Masi has new work to enjoy and will be here to chat about his paintings! We now offer multiple print sizes and exclusive art mugs.

21. AVA Gallery

1010 Duane St.

The AVA Gallery is pleased to present The Print Portfolio Project, a group exhibition of exceptional new work by eight North Coast artists: Jamie Boyd, John Clark, Reed Clark, David Coyne, Stirling Gorsuch, Roger Hayes, Jill McVarish and Robert Paulmenn.

22. AVA Artist-in-Residence

1010 Duane St.

AVA’s newest a-i-r, Kirista Trask, will open her studio to show her latest abstract mixed media and sketches translated into larger work. Track is relatively new to town. Come welcome this new artist to Astoria!

23. Astoria Studio Collective

1010 Duane St.

The Astoria Studio Collective, is a new art studio space which houses 19 art studios on three floors, with a common space on the second floor that serves as a gallery for Art Walks. The artist mediums range from ceramics, painting, sculptures, jewelry, digital design, mixed media and makers.

24. Reclamation Marketplace

936 Commercial St.

Reclamation Marketplace will be open late for Art Walk. Join us for shopping, mingling and refreshments! We will be here until 8 p.m.

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