1. WineKraft

80 10th St. (Pier 11)

Featuring work from six local artists as well as live music starting at 7 p.m. Sip wine, eat and enjoy the arts. We are the perfect location for you to wrap up your art walking.

2. Paul Polson Gallery

100 10th St.

Presenting a variety of oil paintings—past and present. One wall has a continuously changing wall of smaller works in a variety of mediums.

3. Blue Collar Collective

106 10th St.

BCC co-creators are excited to begin showing original art, mixed media sculpture, banners and paper arts in addition to photographic prints from local artists. Letter Writing Social and free studio time during art walk as always.

4. McVarish Gallery

160 10th St.

Kathleen Powers creates beautiful, fantastical illustrations of nature and animals as characters going about their business in their own stories. Her work lovingly

captures detail with refinement and classical style while combining a strong empathy for her subjects and a wicked sense of humor.

5. Reclamation Marketplace

936 Commercial St.

Reclamation Marketplace will be open for art walk. Join us for shopping, mingling and refreshments at 9th and Commercial St.

6. Jody Rae Photography

959 Commercial St.

At 36, Howard Rea was searching for what God had in mind for him. He never expected that the answer to his prayers lay in the diagnosis of a brain tumor that would leave him paralyzed. How could this debilitation allow him to be a good father to his three children and wife? He could no longer provide, but would God?

7. Sea Gypsy Gifts

1001 Commercial St.

With more than 35 amazing local artists there’s always something new being created. Come see us.

8. Cargo

240 11th St.

Summer is here. We have a container from Indonesia with lots of special items and also great T-shirts, summer mats, beach bags and lots of fun home decor.

9. Imogen Gallery

240 11th St.

We are hosting a solo exhibition of the delightful and thought provoking sculptures of Stan Peterson. He brings a new series of carved and painted wood pieces that reference his love of travel and storytelling. Inspired by Astoria’s surrounding landscape, his new collection focusing on boat and barge vessels. Peterson will be on hand to answer questions about his work.

10. Forsythea

1124 Commercial St.

Zemula Fleming’s show, “Safe Keeping,” explores reliquaries defined as containers or shrines in which sacred relics are kept. Some of Fleming’s containers contain items that symbolize an idea. Like the traditional reliquaries, the enshrined item is tied to something that was alive once, but is now a memory. “Just as there are bones of old saints sealed away, new saints are born, and there is hope.”

11. Luminari Arts

1133 Commercial St.

Pride weekend we will feature live music by Geezer Creak, and Dale Clark and Bob Lennon will harmonize and play originals as well as old favorites. New handworked jewelry by lilithclay, and, as always, amazing selection of cards, paper products and gifts.

12. Old Things and Objects

1144 Commercial St.

Rom Barro will astound you as he looks into your past, present and future through the intriguing art of palmistry. Surprise music guest. OTAO has an eclectic mixture of man-made and natural wonders: art, clothing, records, rocks, jewelry, books, toys,

kitchen and rugged items and more. Come see what’s new.

13. RiverSea Gallery

1160 Commercial St.

In “Above the Earth, Below the Clouds,” two Oregon printmakers team up for a show focusing on their shared love of nature. Portland artist Kelli MacConnell captures the vibrant spirit of Northwest trees in her relief prints. Cannon Beach native Stirling Gorsuch portrays landscapes and dream images inspired by the local coast and forest in layered, mixed media prints. In the Alcove, William Hernandez exhibits vivid, surreal paintings that delve into realms of fantasy, folktale, romance and family. Our east window features works from LGBTQIA+ artists in support of Astoria Pride. The show is curated by Tabor Porter and Greg Carrigan. Proceeds will benefit Astoria’s Lower Columbia Q Center.

14. The Art Stall

1268 Commercial St.

Please join us and perhaps find a special piece of original art to take home. We have a wide variety of original art by 20 different artists with room for a few more if you are an artist looking for a home for your original art. We also have collectibles, gifts and

prints for sale. Hope to see you.

15. TEMPO Gallery

1271 Commercial St.

Stop by and see what is new in our unique little gallery. You will find a variety of paintings, photography, fabric art and jewelry created by our member artists: Phyllis Taylor, Carol Smith, Thron Riggs, Edward Peterson, Mark Hutchings, Janet Hutchings and Vicki Baker. Visit with our artists and listen to keyboard jazz by Peter Unander.

16. Creations Studio & Gallery

1396 Duane St.

While you’re enjoying the art of others, stop by Creations and create your own mini mosaic. For only $5, first-time mosaicists can create a fun little memento of the evening. Come see us—we’re just around the corner at 14th & Duane St.

17. Penpoint Gallery inside WORLD

1310 Duane St.

The Penpoint Art of Pat Kankkonen is on display. Kankkonen’s remarkable ability to see and draw amazing detail led her to create stunning reflections of nature’s purity as well as blending with mankind’s additions: farms and fences, grand architecture, ships and trains.

18. Oscar d’Masi Studio & Gallery

395 11th St.

d’Masi has new work to enjoy and will be here to chat about his paintings. We now offer multiple print sizes and exclusive art mugs.

19. AVA Gallery

1010 Duane St. (entrance on Duane)

AVA Gallery welcomes two local artists Renee Rowe and Audrey Long. Using traditional mediums as well as recycled and found materials, Rowe creates patterns and textures that excite her. Rowe’s recent paintings return to her early joy of abstraction. In celebration of PRIDE month, ceramicist Audrey Long features an installation that lets everyone drink from the same vessels knowing hundreds of others are sharing this common experience. Proceeds from all vessels will benefit LGBTQ youth locally and nationally.

20. Audrey Long Ceramics

1010 Duane St.

Wheel-thrown clay, covered in glazes I make and fire, using designs I’ve refined over time, field-tested and cupboard approved. Functional ceramic pieces that are well-thought and utilitarian, each handthrown and individually glazed in shapes and colors that feel good. Vessels that you want to hold in your hand, drink your coffee from and share with the people you love.

21. AVA Artist-in-Residence

1010 Duane St.

Kirista Trask will open her studio to show her latest abstract mixed media and sketches translated into larger works. Next door, Sally Lackaff continues to illustrate two children’s books simultaneously. Lackaff will be discussing her process and future plans for the projects. AVA’s ongoing a-i-r program provides free studio space for four months to local artists to promote their artistic pursuits.

22. Astoria Studio Collective

1010 Duane St. (door on 10th)

The Astoria Studio Collective is a new art studio space which houses 19 studios on three floors with a common space on the second floor that serves as a gallery for art walks. The artists mediums range from ceramics, painting, sculptures, jewelry, digital design, mixed media and more. Astoria Makers (inside Astoria Studio Collective) is a design and fabrication studio also located at 1010 Duane St. June marks the opening of our in-house retail space and we are excited to share it with you. Our retail space will feature local makers of all kinds including several members of the Studio Collective.

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