ASTORIA — June marks the first in-person Astoria Second Saturday Art Walk since March. This month’s event will feature a limited number of galleries, most open from noon to 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Food and refreshments will not be served. Participants are encouraged to follow social distancing guidelines and to wear masks.

1. Paul Polson Studio Gallery, 100 10th St.

Featuring a variety of oil paintings and water-based works. Polson also showcases inflatable works every month.

2. West Coast Artisans, 160 10th St.

Presenting artists Oscar Nelson and Jeff Spear, as well as the gallery’s regular artists.

3. Jody Rae Photography, 959 Commercial St.

Presenting “One Story at a Time,” Jody Rae’s newest project. The exhibit features the stories of Astoria’s business owners affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

4. Imogen Gallery, 240 11th St.

Featuring Astoria artist Linden, whose work is a “whimsical collection of abstracted ink and watercolor paintings on paper.” The gallery will be open until 5 p.m.

5. Forsythea, 1124 Commercial St.

Presenting artist Zemula Fleming’s annual June show at Forsythea. Fleming’s work is a collection of acrylic works featuring Renaissance-inspired women. The gallery will be open until 6 p.m., with Fleming in attendance toward the end of the event.

6. RiverSea Gallery, 1160 Commercial St.

Presenting “Letting Go,” a series of works by Portland artist Nanette Wallace. The exhibit explores “the release of negativity and the letting in of light, joy, curiosity and compassion.”

Also featured is Astoria photographer David Lee Myers, whose photographs of butterflies will be showcased.

7. Oscar de ’Masi Art Gallery, 1145 Commercial St.

Featuring surreal paintings by Astoria artist Oscar de’ Masi.

8. Tempo Gallery, 1271 Commercial St.

Showcasing the gallery’s six regular artists: Phyllis Taylor, Edward Peterson, Constance Waisanen, Carol Smith, Vicki Baker and Thron Riggs.

9. Bridge & Tunnel Bottleshop & Taproom, 1390 Duane St.

Featuring photography by Tracy Grabes. Images show Wyoming and the North Coast.

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