ASTORIA — The Astoria Second Saturday Art Walk will be held from noon to 8 p.m. on Saturday. Participants are encouraged to follow social distancing guidelines and wear masks.

1. Paul Polson Studio Gallery, 100 10th St.

Presenting Paul Polson’s new and older “Strata Series.” Paintings by John Willis will also be featured.

2. The Secret Gallery, 160 16th St.

Featuring “Adventures in Toyland,” with new works by Gideon Pirx, Jen Brown, Thomas Webb, Ben Rosenberg, Jill McVarish, Matthew Dennison, Laura Barstow, Lurena Williamson and Marjorie Scholl.

3. West Coast Artisans Gallery, 160 10th St.

Presenting pandemic-inspired art by Kitty Paino, puzzle art by Crystal Neher and art from Cat Loyd.

4. Imogen, 240 11th St.

Presenting painter Diane Kingzett of Portland, for her fourth solo exhibition at Imogen. Kingzett’s abstract art conveys her grief during the pandemic in “sublime and provocative ways.”

5. Astoria Underground Tours, 1125 Marine Drive

Join a group tour or take a self-guided tour. Tours will operate until 4 p.m., cost $15 and last about 45 minutes.

6. Astoria Institute of Music and Center for the Arts, 1159 Marine Drive

Presenting the paintings by Paul Polson, Astoria townscape paintings by John Willis and surreal/symbolic art by resident artist Lisa Ackerman.

7. Oscar de’ Masi Studio and Gallery, 1145 Commercial St.

Visit with artist Oscar de’ Masi to see his latest paintings.

8. RiverSea Gallery, 1160 Commercial St.

Presenting Portland artist Karen Wippich’s show “Strange Days: A Pandemic Journey.” Wippich’s mixed media paintings “offer engaging narratives” about present day challenges.

9. Tempo Gallery, 1271 Commercial St.

Featuring the gallery’s regular artists: Phyllis Taylor, Edward Peterson, Constance Waisanen, Carol Smith, Vicki Baker and Thron Riggs.

10. Oregon Gypsy Gallery, 1426 Commercial St.

View art from a variety of mediums including metal, ceramics, leather and wood.

11. AVA Center for the Arts, 1000 Duane St.

Presenting 25 artists featured in the Astoria Open Studios Tour exhibit, which runs through July.

12. Vaulted Gallery, 1389 Duane St.

Showcasing artist Maquette Reeverts, whose art features photographs interpreted through acrylics and oils. The result is abstract art with surprising focuses.

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