Find Your Golden Thread: A Writing Workshop with Madeleine Eno

Madeleine Eno

SEAVIEW, Wash. — There’s a lot of talk these days about writing your story. And some think that means starting with your great-great grandmother and ending with what you had for breakfast this morning. So, writing becomes something daunting, dusty and overwhelming—and ripe for comparison with other more funny, interesting, adventurous people.

What would happen, though, if you started to think of your “stories,” instead of your “story”? When you know your Golden Thread, you can scan back through your life and pull from your own storytelling archives, so you have a bottomless well of material.

In this Sou’wester Lodge workshop on Friday, May 11, you’ll learn to polish your storytelling lens— a “golden thread” — that unique and quirky point of view that’s evolved with your life, experiences and the message you’re here to share. You’ll have time to work your writing muscles with prompts, get some live feedback and hone your writing voice, and choose some stories to develop further.

Madeleine Eno helps creative entrepreneurs remember what they are here to say, and discover the most compelling container in which to say it.

She weaves lessons from her previous life as a magazine editor and yoga teacher into her work. In her Find Your Golden Thread and Book Mapping sessions and classes, discover the soul and meaning of their stories, so you can then confidently write books, connect with your tribe and change the world in their own magical way. Find more at

COST: $30

BRING: Notebook and pen, please bring a sack lunch and/or snack, (Hot tea and coffee provided.)

RSVP: or 360-642-2542 between 9 a.m.-9 p.m. 14 students maximum.

The Sou’wester Lodge at 3728 J Place.

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