ASTORIA — The next Astoria Second Saturday Art Walk takes place 5 to 8 p.m. March 9.

Spend an evening wandering through downtown Astoria, savoring art, taking in galleries, making friends with artists, sampling refreshments and enjoying the city's nightlife. (Some locations open and close earlier and later.)

1. Paul Polson Studio Gallery

100 10th St.

March’s show includes oil paintings not yet exhibited. There will also be a mixture of styles without the consistency of past shows — landscapes, figures, abstracts and surrealism. I plan to also show drawings and water-based works along with the oils. Also, the ceiling mural is almost finished.

2. McVarish Gallery

1060 10th St.

Presenting Matthew Dennison paintings in the main gallery and “Inside the Secret Doll House” in the Secret Gallery. Dennison’s prolific career spans more than 30 years and combines many mediums, materials and ideas. Dennison also makes period-specific doll houses.

“Inside the Secret Doll House” is work from various artists and doll makers. We present a room full of dolls, doll paraphernalia and images of doll scenarios to prove what anyone who has read the Raggedy Ann and Andy Stories can tell you: Dolls have secret lives.

3. Smoked Bones BarBQ

Pier 11

A benefit show for the Astoria Warming Center featuring local artists. Inside Pier 11. Enter from 10th Street pier or follow the blue arrows!

4. Astoria Vintage Hardware

1162 Marine Drive

Kim Rose Adams, PNW Photography and Design, will be the Pop Up Artist at VH. Adams’ photographs are of natural landscapes and iconic objects that reflect geological history and human culture.

5. Imogen Gallery

240 11th St.

We welcome back Astoria artist Miki’ala Souza. An accomplished printmaker and member of the North Coast Printmakers Collective, Souza brings a new series of monotypes and chine colle prints that explore journey and migration of people from one culture to another. A native Hawaiian herself, she brings a complex series of prints depicting waterways and currents that might be used to migrate from homeland to a new land.

6. Cargo

240 11th St.

Find the perfect thing for your spring fling.

8. Reclamation Marketplace

936 Commercial St.

Featuring three local artists. Chuck Fritz, a wood turner, shows handcrafted wood creations using alder and other locally reclaimed wood. Ronni Harris displays acrylic on canvas and acrylic on fabric — quilted paintings — featuring local scenes of Astoria. J. Wesley Willis shows oil-on-panel landscapes of the North Coast and Astoria cityscapes.

9. Sea Gypsy Gifts

1001 Commercial St.

Invites you to meet one of our artists, Karyl Hall. Her whimsical upcycled glass garden flowers are a must-see. Buy one get one half off! Refreshments served.

10. AVA Gallery

1010 Duane St.

AVA Gallery is presenting Precipice Fund 2019 artist Anne Greenwood Rioseco in an exhibit titled “Island Threads.” Greenwood will feature hand-dyed fabrics and hand-stitched books titled “Vestiges” that include folded, sewn, dyed and printed crinoline pieces accompanied by text. Much of the work was recently created while Greenwood was in residence at the Icelandic Textile Center in Iceland.

11. Astoria Studio Collective

1010 Duane St.

The Astoria Studio Collective is a new art studio space. The collective houses 19 art studios on three floors, with a common space on the second floor that serves as a gallery for Art Walks. The artist mediums include ceramics, painting, sculptures, jewelry, digital design, mixed media and makers.

12. AVA Artist in Residence

453-A 11th St. (Studio 11)

Artist-in-Residence Celeste Endlich will open her studio to the public to share her process as she explores themes of solitude, space and nature through intaglio prints and black, white and gold line drawings.

13. Oscar d’Masi Studio & Gallery

395 11th St.

Oscar has new artwork, prints and our latest addition of coffee mugs to share with you. How about a personalized mug or amazing work of art for your sweetheart? Coffee mugs personalized for you right at our gallery!

14. AVA Artist in Residence

375 11th St.

Artist-in-residence Sally Lackaff welcomes visitors to view her ongoing illustrative work for two upcoming books, as well as a gallery of original art from earlier published works. Enjoy an opportunity to witness some of the stages of illustrating a book and chat with Sally about her process.

15. Finnware

1116 Commercial St.

Augusta of Nomadic Artistry will demonstrate the art of Sami jewelry making. Pewter handicraft and weaving of bands involve a mixture of native and borrowed techniques dating back centuries. Pewter thread is a Sámi technique, developed and perfected over time and kept alive through perseverance and love. Augusta will teach two classes to make your own Sami bracelets this weekend.

16. Forsythea Home & Garden Art

1124 Commercial St.

Forsythea will be open for Art Walk with new pieces from Marga and Zemula Fleming. We’re also delighted to have a stunning wall of photography by Kim Rose Adams. New products arriving everyday from all across the U.S., so stop by for refreshments and a look around.

17. Holly McHone Jewelers

1150 Commercial St.

What’s your favorite Gemstone? Holly McHone Jewelers will be talking Gemstones during Art Walk! Our annual “Kaleidoscope of Gems” show is Wednesday, March 13, and we will be sharing all the info about it. Peruse the gems we have in store now to whet your appetite.

18. RiverSea Gallery

1160 Commercial St.

Portland artist Kevin Farrell opens his first solo show at RiverSea Gallery titled “Dark City.” His intense cityscapes offer a metro industrial vibe in oil on canvas. Farrell is mostly interested in conveying atmosphere and mood, and his dark urban scenes resonate with the hum and bustle of the city. He captures the sizzle of reflected light on rain-slicked streets, the thrum of twilit industrial sites, and seaports at dusk defined by pinpricks of light under a vast sky. Enjoy musicians Peter Hinsbeeck on tenor sax, John Orr on guitar.

19. The Art Stall

1268 Commercial St.

We welcome Sunny Graham to the gallery. Her work has an Asian flair and she works in monoprint and mixed-media collage. Please join us for refreshments and see what’s new.

20. Tempo Gallery

1271 Commercial St.

“More Paint, Less Fabric” is the new collection by artist Janet Hutchings being unveiled at Tempo Gallery. Janet has begun to explore looser, less representational forms while still maintaining her fabric-based roots. Stop in to see this new work, visit with Janet, and listen to Keyboard Jazz by Peter Unander.

21. Old Town Framing

1287 Commercial St.

It’s raining cats and dogs! This exhibit features portraits of shelter dogs and cats by the Clatsop Community College painting class to help promote adoption. The students will be donating the proceeds of the sale of the artwork to Clatsop Animal Assistance. Please come and help support our furry friends!

22. Bridge & Tunnel Bottleshop & Taproom

1390 Duane St.

Presenting David Plechl, a full-time brewer and part-time photographer. He says, “I do it when I’m going to the store, walking home from work, or out with my three-year-old. These pictures were all made within the last six months, in my neighborhood, around Astoria, or very close by.”

23. Creations Studio & Gallery

1396 Duane St.

Add some more fun to your Art Walk experience by creating your own mini mosaic for only $5 for first-timers at Creations! Even kids 5 and up can participate.

24. Sweet Relief

1444 Commercial St.

Aaron Toledo began his tattooing career in Portland before moving to Astoria, where he founded Keepsake Tattoo Studio. He is inspired by the ocean, the woods, the far reaches of the Earth and his passion for creating art. On display at Sweet Relief will be Aaron Toledo’s artwork of his handcrafted drawings.

This listing does not necessarily include all participants.

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