ASTORIA — The Second Saturday Astoria Art Walk will be held from noon to 8 p.m. on Saturday. Attendees are expected to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines.

1. Lower Columbia Q Center, 171 W. Bond St.

Featuring several new and local artists within the LGBTQ community. Information on resources will be available.

2. Astoria Art Loft, 106 3rd St.

Showcasing eclectic art from 1 to 4 p.m. Featured pieces include fused glass, assemblages, weaving, zentangle pieces, objects, cards, paintings and old tapa cloths.

3. West Coast Artisans Gallery, 160 10th St.

Presenting an exhibit of wire trees sculpted by Ryan Everson, as well as other artists’ new work. Information about the gallery’s new fine art printing service will also be available.

4. McVarish Gallery, 160 10th St.

Featuring the show “Out the Window or Take the Stairs,” which includes work by Colette Calasione, Casebeer, Margie Scholl, Sam Vaughan, Colin Chillag, Tom Giesler and Morrison Pierce.

5. Angi D Wildt Gallery, 106 10th St.

Showcasing art by 21 artists who create traditional, contemporary and folk art. Featured mediums include oil paintings, acrylic paintings, woodcuts, photography, bronze sculptures, marble sculptures, glass pieces and ceramics.

6. Paul Polson Studio Gallery, 100 10th St.

Presenting a special exhibit of figure drawings and paintings from artists involved in the Paul Polson Studio figure drawing workshop. Also presented are Polson’s oil paintings, featuring the North Coast and Astoria. His Strata and Pipe Series is also on display.

7. Treasure Alley, 77 11th St.

Featuring the latest works of local landscape photographer Linda Fenton Mendenhall. She specializes in resin mounted prints with a high gloss finish. Framed and canvas prints of the North Coast are displayed.

8. Weird Sisters Freak Boutique, 1004 Marine Drive Suite D

Showcasing a sneak peek at a future event, Speakeasy Salons in the Portal. The event won’t happen this month but will occur during future art walks. Its purpose will to be to create a space for people to “speak easy about hard topics.”

9. Brumfield Gallery, 1033 Marine Drive

Presenting artist Kelsey Bowen, who creates sculptures. Bowen’s sculptures “serves as a conduit through which stories are told that draws memories of youth and the shared anecdotes of family.” Bowen was named the emerging artist of the year in 2020 by Ceramics Monthly. Art by Yuji Hiratsuka is also featured.

10. Imogen Gallery, 240 11th St.

Featuring wood sculptures, paintings and prints by artist Stan Peterson. Selected works include a series of pieces focused on birds. The series “provides a bit of a soulful look to birds acting as spiritual guides and/or companions while some pieces appear as totems to the grace and beauty of avians.”

11. Astoria Institute of Music and Center for the Arts, 1159 Marine Drive

Showcasing acrylic paintings by artist Jenny Coccorese in the show “Anti-Heroines” and new artist Bayly Lay, who will present a large surreal painting. Also featured are resident artists TKO, Paul Gagnon, Sid Deluca, Mike Metzner and Lisa Ackerman. Live music will be played and piano lessons are available. Call 503-395-1221 for an appointment outside of art walk hours.

12. Ashriver Woodworks, 229 14th St.

Presenting Ashriver Woodworks, a new family-run business that specializes in epoxy river tables and reclaimed furniture. Artists design one-of-a-kind custom wood and metal pieces. Handmade home décor is sourced locally and created in Astoria.

13. Art Totale, 3990 Abbey Lane

Featuring “Take A Stroll,” a window display by Pico Pico Gallery, including lighting, audio and visuals.

14. Lumen: Community Wellness, 1350 Exchange St.

Showcasing art by Astoria artist Brick Stone, the creator behind Unlucky 17 Gifts & Oddities. Featured art includes graphic design pieces that incorporate LGBTQ culture and religious iconography.

15. Bridge & Tunnel Bottleshop & Taproom, 1390 Duane St.

Featuring work by Astoria photographer Rob Preston, who is interested in the behavior of light and the perspectives found through the lens of a camera. Preston “shoots to keep his body in motion and recharge the batteries of his soul.”

16. RiverSea Gallery, 1160 Commercial St.

Showcasing surrealist paintings by Robert Bickel that “express the intersection of art, science and philosophy.” Bickel’s works invite viewers to “consider what we might see if we were to objectively view the sea and the sky.”

17. Forsythea, 1124 Commercial St.

Presenting paintings and beadwork by Zemula Fleming. Fleming’s pieces render women in various postures using a combination of painting and beadwork. She often incorporates antique brooches or special organic materials to her paintings. Forsythea will be open until 6:30 p.m.

18. Oscar de’ Masi Art Gallery, 1145 Commercial St.

Featuring new paintings, prints, art tiles, mugs and wooden boxes by Astoria artist Oscar de’ Masi; watercolor paintings by Karl Hauer; and woodwork by artisan Paige Demasi.

19. Cambium Gallery, 1030 Duane St.

Showcasing work from five LGBTQ artists whose work considers their experience as a member of the LGBTQ community. Featured artists include Rae Senerighi, Tamee Harden, Becky Joan Springer, Kirista Trask and Audrey Long. The collection “is a celebration of the LGBTQ community but also asks the hard question of when will we really be unified.” A total of 10% of sales and donations during an after party from 7 to 9 p.m. will benefit The Equality Federation.

20. Astoria Visual Arts, 1000 Duane St.

Presenting the exhibit “Staunchie Nubs,” which is a collection of art created by Deanna Antony during her residency at Astoria Visual Arts. Antony creates biomorphic soft sculptures from locally-sourced and personally-worn garments.

21. Labor Temple Diner & Bar, 934 Duane St.

Featuring urbanscape painter J. Wesley Willis, whose oil paintings showcase Astoria’s scenery. The show includes a new commission, a nautical portrait of the Natoma, which was piloted by former Astoria mayor John C. Ten Brook, who will be present from 4 to 7 p.m. during the art walk.

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