Crafts for a rainy day: paper flowers

You can make easy paper flowers with coffee filters.

After a rather dry and sunny winter, the recent rainy weather drove me inside. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and veg at home. But my hands were itching to stay busy.

Luckily, I found an easy, crafty activity that also served a purpose. My sister is getting married this spring, and I’m in charge of planning the bridal shower — and what’s a bridal shower without some homemade decorations?

While real flowers are on the agenda, I also decided to make some paper flowers.

You can find lots of different tutorials online for making paper flowers. Some instruct you to cut out individual petals, which can be time consuming. Others require tools like stencils or special floral tape. While the results are impressive, I decided to go with a basic rose/peony-shaped flower that required simple items I already had at home: coffee filters, scissors and tape.

First, flatten two coffee filters on top of each other — using two filters gives you a fuller flower with more petals.

Then, cut a spiral from the outside to the center of the filters. The outside start of the spiral will be the middle of the flower, and the center of the filters will be the outer petals.

Fold down the end tip of your filters, and start to slowly pleat and gather the filter strip around it. You can use a little tape on the bottom as you go, to help keep your flower from unraveling. Use a little tape at the end and voila!

Since these flowers were for a bridal shower, I kept most of them white. But I painted a few with watercolors for a little splash of color. You can paint your flowers after you make them, or dye the whole coffee filters first and let them dry before you start cutting.

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