Golf courses on our coast

Manzanita Golf course. Photo by Alex Pajunas

Imagine spending the whole day sunning yourself on a sandy beach, paddling your personal kayak up the myriad waterways on the Nehalem River or pedaling the abandoned train tracks on a custom-built railrider, only to come back to your home away from home to fix up some dinner you bought at the local farmer’s market. Sounds like a dream, right?

Manzanita vacation rentals can certainly cater to your idea of a perfect time away and so much more. No matter your budget there’s a Manzanita vacation rental deal to take advantage of, from bigger properties that can house larger groups to the small cottage perfect for that getaway with your sweetie. And don’t forget the dog because many of these Manzanita vacation rentals are pet friendly. But what would sweeten the deal even more than having your own, private vacation place?

A great deal on that place – that's what! Take comfort during your stay that you have the best deal your budget can buy because you utilized the many Manzanita vacation rental deals available here at We’ve made the extra effort to bring every benefit directly to you.

The Many Deals Offered with Manzanita Vacation Rentals

Just for a moment, imagine sitting at your vacation rental on the outside porch that overlooks the endless Pacific Ocean, the smoky fire nearby and the kids roasting marshmallows and hotdogs. You watch the sky turn from orange to pink as you all share in a quintessential Oregon Coast sunset. Or bundle up inside during the winter season to watch an epic Northwest storm roll in over the beach, hot chocolate in hand.

With Manzanita vacation rentals you’ll be able to maximize your stay at a discounted price. Maybe with that money you save, you can take advantage of even more great activities, dining adventures and shopping! There are all sorts of vacation rental deals you can use to get all kinds of perks, so check back here often to see what's being offered.

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