Wave Crest Inn

The Wave Crest Inn in Cannon Beach is just a stone’s throw from the ocean.

Anyone planning a visit to a Cannon Beach hotel would appreciate getting a deal on their stay, right? Who doesn’t want to save some money whenever they can? When considering all the Cannon Beach hotel options you have here, first check out all the potential deals you may be able to take advantage of. That offer that Hotel B is giving you might make you choose it over Hotel A!

These deals take many forms, and they change all the time. Perhaps you’ll find a discount on an extra night, a great group rate or a combination offer with local attractions or restaurants. It probably seems logical to you that you will find more deals in the off-season – or the Secret Season, as we like to call it here – that runs from October to March.

When the area isn’t as busy, Cannon Beach hotels entice you to come visit with their special deals. And if you’ve only experienced this area during the summer months, you’re missing some of the most majestic times on the north Oregon Coast.

Cannon Beach Hotel Deals . . . and Arch Cape too!

Whether you’re staying in that popular beachside hotel that everyone’s been talking about, a cute bed and breakfast off the beaten path or a cozy inn nestled in the forest, you’ll find deals and discounts that will make those options even more appealing.

But one more thing to consider, if you’re planning on staying in Arch Cape to the south of Cannon Beach, is that there are a number of deals and offers to take advantage of there too! Make a visit to this site a regular occurrence because new Arch Cape and Cannon Beach hotel deals are posted all the time.

You might hit on a last-minute offer for your “let’s be spontaneous” trip or a holiday offer that will put you here for special times like the holidays or Thanksgiving.

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