Cannery Pier Hotel

The Cannery Pier Hotel offers complimentary bicycle rentals, allowing guests to further explore the Columbia River via the Astoria Riverwalk.

Are you looking for a great deal on an Astoria, Oregon, hotel? Part of the Astoria experience is staying in a hotel, whether it be a national name brand property, a B&B with local flair, a hotel on a pier downtown or facing the river or one of the motels that harken back to a few decades ago.

Whether shopping around for a budget or luxe hotel, visitors will want to get the most for their money on their next Astoria, Oregon, hotel reservation. Are you looking for a cheaper rate property with just the basics, one with more amenities such as room service, pools and valet parking or a bed and breakfast with a classic Victorian antique-style room with a clawfoot tub and made-to-order breakfast? Astoria hotels want to provide you the accommodations you desire, so why not shop for a good bargain too?

After a busy day of hiking, boating, beachcombing and sightseeing at local museums, you’ll want a room to relax in and get a good night’s rest. Keeping tabs on all of the hotel offers in this section below could garner you a sweet deal on your next Astoria hotel reservation.

Great Deals on Astoria, Oregon, Hotels (Warrenton too!)

Some Astoria, Oregon, hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts offer special prices and other incentives throughout the year, especially during slower times. Although they are popular during the high season, with December being the most expensive time), some may offer last-minute discounts on rooms that are not reserved, and during the off-season prices may go down, while the potential for bargains goes up.

Check out the section below for great deals on Astoria hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts. You could end up with the room of your dreams with a pool, exercise room and balcony with a river view for a great rate and still pocket some cash for something else on your trip. Start planning your next stay in Warrenton or Astoria hotels and benefit from these deals today.

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