Vacation shopping is different than shopping at home. Vacation shopping is all about impulse buys and selecting thing that you wouldn’t ordinarily get for yourself, the fun things that you didn’t even know you wanted or needed and those special somethings that you fall in love with the minute you see them. It’s also about finding gifts and items that will make someone back home feel special. Seaside, Oregon, shopping has everything you could want when it comes to vacation shopping. You could easily spend a good portion of your day wandering through the shops in downtown Seaside, stopping along the way for snacks, meals, coffee or brews. Souvenirs, candy, toys and trinkets are found in abundance, along with surf and beach gear, sunglasses, clothing, books, jewelry, gifts and so much more. If you’re looking for necessities, such as recreational gear, groceries, personal care products, car parts and pet goods, you’ll find all that too, if not right downtown then close by.

Standouts in Seaside, Oregon, Shopping

Visitors are always thrilled to learn that Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax. If you’re making a lot of purchases, that tax-free status will save you quite a bit. Depending on which state they’re from, visitors are often surprised to find cannabis dispensaries on the Seaside, Oregon, shopping scene. Medical and recreational cannabis is legal in Oregon, and if you’re 21 or older and have a photo ID you can purchase it legally. Another standout in Seaside is the number of quality tattoo shops. Two other visitor favorites include Seaside Carousel Mall on Broadway, which offers touristy themed shops and an old-fashioned carousel that kids love, and Seaside Outlets, which offers the perfect combination of brand names and deep discounts.