Manzanita Shopping

Whether it is that beachside trinket or a fine wool scarf, Manzanita shopping has options for everyone looking to make the most out of their retailing time within the entire Tri-Village area. Looking for non-cookie-cutter shops or for some quality item that’s hard to find? Chances are there’s something for you within the Manzanita shopping sector.

Manzanita shopping is generally located within, well, Manzanita. Down Laneda Avenue you can find a wide variety of local shops that cater to every whim, complete with a beachfront view.

From beach kites and toys, sweet treats, savory spirits or that silly sweatshirt with cozy colloquialisms emblazoned upon it, whatever you may be looking for there are options abounding. Even your friendly furry companions are welcome to join you in the Manzanita shopping areas. Do you enjoy perusing local art galleries, trying on that hip dress you saw in the window or maybe buying a kite to launch skyward? Well, you can by visiting our local shops. Enjoy your time browsing everything the Manzanita shopping area has to offer you.

Manzanita Shopping Encompasses the Tri-Villages

There’s more to offer the wayward shopper than just in Manzanita. Expand your retail therapy horizons by including the entire Tri-Village area.

Locals consider Manzanita shopping to include our neighboring towns of Nehalem and Wheeler too. If you drive south from Manzanita on Highway 101, you’ll encounter Nehalem nestled along the main river, which is the origin of the town’s name. Local mercantiles, antiques and coastal treasures await the wayward Manzanita shopper.

Not too much farther, just a couple of miles more, you’ll find yourself in Wheeler. With old roots in the area’s illustrious logging history, Wheeler is a quaint option for a day of good food, great views and essential shopping.