From Nahcotta on the north peninsula to Ilwaco on the southern end of the peninsula, Long Beach, WA, shopping offers something for everyone. The stores here are individually owned and operated, and often the owner is the one working in the shop, genuinely welcoming customers and offering useful information about the goods they sell. Antiques and thrift stores are in abundance here, offering shoppers the chance to find something valuable among the collectibles, glassware, home goods, jewelry, vintage clothing, books and art. Art galleries selling paintings, photography, ceramics and more can be found in the towns, and you’ll usually have a chance to meet some of the artists on site. If you’re looking for gifts and souvenirs to take back home, you’ll find plenty of gift shops where it’s just as fun to browse as it is to buy. Everyone’s favorite beach souvenir is saltwater taffy and of course you’ll find that here, along with fudge to satisfy a sweet tooth. When you need necessities, Long Beach, WA, shopping offers groceries, toiletries, home goods, hardware and the like.

Long Beach Peninsula Shopping for Outdoor Recreation

Long Beach Peninsula offers so many opportunities for outdoor recreation, and, as you know, outdoor recreation requires specialized gear. You might need hip boots for wading in cranberry bogs or fishing in the rivers, or maybe you need a surfboard and wetsuit for braving the freezing Pacific Ocean. You might need a clam-digging gun for harvest clams, or you might be in need of bait or tackle for a fishing trip. Or maybe the kids are begging for kites, sand pails and shovels for a play day on the beach. Long Beach Peninsula shops include recreational outfitters, hardware stores and specialty stores that offer all the equipment you’ll need to have all the fun you can stand!