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Art and culture flow through Astoria , Oregon, whether it’s in the local community, the events that come here or filling the streets in the historic downtown district. The shops in Astoria, Oregon, are no exception to this. Boutiques, galleries and other independently owned stores populate the shopping scene. Artists from the town, region and beyond may choose to sell their crafts and wares in the boutiques or put them on display at the galleries and restaurants. Explore, sip and marvel while shopping in Astoria, Oregon. You’ll discover a world of goodies await in these stores.

From vintage treasures to avant-garde creations, sleek and polished designs to funky and quirky, there’s no telling what you’ll leave with. Find clothes, home décor, trinkets, memorabilia and so much more to add a little oomph to your aesthetic. If you’re less in the mood to spend hours wandering through stores and browsing to your heart’s content, take your shopping needs to nearby Warrenton. The options for outlets and stores with recognizable names and brands are places that help you quickly find what you need.

Get Local when Shopping in Astoria, Oregon

A prevalent theme in Astoria, Oregon, shops is the emphasis on local, even though the products you find in them are ones that both residents and faraway visitors adore. Check out the fish markets in Astoria, Oregon, as the fresh catches of the day arrive for sensory-laden experience. From May to October, weekly farmers bring the region’s farmers, artisans, craftsmen, bakers and more all to a shared gathering place.

It’s a great way to connect with the people who provide the area’s food and drink, learn about their business and get tips on what’s fresh now and what to keep an eye out for in the future.