Manzanita Fishing

If you live in or near Manzanita or are a regular visitor, we're betting that you're aware of the popularity of local fishing. In fact, it's likely that Manzanita fishing opportunities are part of why you're here! This place is famous for its seasonal fish runs that roll through every fall and spring.

The entire Tri-Village area has a very active fishing scene, whether it be silvery Chinook Salmon or Cutthroat Trout that’s caught on the Nehalem River or places such as Lake Lytle and Smith Lake that are stocked with Bass. But the Manzanita fishing scene is broader than just the rivers and lakes.

There are the serene Nehalem Bay and the expansive Pacific Ocean to consider as well. If your enthusiasm for angling brings you to Manzanita, rest assured there are numerous options for you and your crew to head out on the salty surfaces for Manzanita fishing.

There’s fun to be had and memories to be made! You may try your hand at beach fishing for surf fish species like Surfperch or cast your line off the Nehalem Bay jetty for Rockfish, Lingcod and Seabass.

Get Your Fish On with Manzanita Fishing!

Manzanita, the Tri-Villages and the entire north Oregon Coast (and Washington's Long Beach Peninsula, of course) are well known for the wide variety of fish species that claim the area as their home. Because of this, Manzanita fishing is as sought after as the pristine beaches that act as a draw for visitors and locals alike.

Take an offshore charter fishing excursion that will grant you the opportunity to catch the Pacific pelagic fish like Tuna, Salmon, Halibut and more. If you've never had the experience of pulling in one of these giant fish, you're really missing something!

Of course, another option is to drop your pot to the ocean floor and pull up some of the Oregon Coast’s famous Dungeness Crab for a truly encompassing Manzanita fishing experience. Whatever the bounty you’re baited for, something is biting.