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Fishing at Cannon Beach

Though the Cannon Beach fishing scene may not be as large as that of its neighbors to the north and south, it’s certainly not to be dismissed. You still have a good chance to land that wily Chinook Salmon, Surfperch or Lingcod if you know where to go and what to bring.

Cannon Beach fishing isn’t the barrel-shoot that Astoria or Tillamook may claim. It is, however, there for the taking, and the bounty can be rather surprising.

Cast a weighted bait ball past the breakers along the beach to entice the numerous Surfperch that cruise the crashing waves. This activity is so popular with Cannon Beach fisherman that it’s become a big draw in and of itself.

However, it's ot for the faint of heart, as Surfperch fishing is a skilled enterprise that can test the ability of any experienced angler. You have to hone your ability at launching your gear at great distances in order to appeal to the fast, flat fish that school the churning wavefronts.

Cannon Beach Trout and Salmon

Cannon Beach fishing is more than the pursuit of ocean fish. There are other fish varieties and locations to try as well.

Ecola Creek is known as a good spot to go after trout, especially if you’re a fly fishing enthusiast! Sea Run Cutthroat Trout is the specific species, and their sizes can vary from small to almost-steelhead! Tie a fly and see what bites at Ecola Creek!

Salmon also run through the creek, but if you want the best shot at the impressively sized fish that roll through, then spending a day with a local fishing charter out on the Pacific might be your best bet. With so many fish around, it’s a fun activity to get out there and try your luck . . . even if you’re just fishing and not catching!