Seaside, Oregon, is the sort of place where you can’t sit still. That’s not to say that the pace of life is all hustle and bustle, but you’re always near somewhere to go or a place to check out. That’s why the vibes at Seaside, Oregon, restaurants are perfect. There are plenty of spots for fast bites and grab-and-go fare. Pick up a sandwich to take to the beach or an ice cream to enjoy on a stroll down the Promenade. Or if you want a moment off your feet, opt for a sit-down restaurant.

As you’d likely expect from a town on the Oregon coast, seafood is the star of the Seaside’s dining scene. Sit down to no-frills baskets of fish and chips or the classic Oregon clam chowder, or you can get gussied up for gourmet preparations of local salmon, steelhead or Dungeness crab and pair it with Oregon pinot gris. If seafood isn’t your thing, starving is far from your fears in Seaside, Oregon. Steaks, burgers, chicken, pasta, pizza and more are available to satisfy stomach rumbles.

Seaside, Oregon, Restaurants Go Near and Far

In a place with abundant local seafood and fresh, regional produce, Pacific Northwest flavors and ingredients can be hard to resist. Sometimes, though, you need to switch it up, and the many Seaside, Oregon, restaurants for international dishes deliver an additional dose of excitement to the dining scene. There are family-style Italian restaurants, hole-in-the-wall gems for Mexican food, sushi bars, Thai, Hawaiian, Irish pubs and more.

The variety among the restaurants in Seaside, Oregon, gives eaters of every palate the opportunity to find a place that they’ll enjoy. And the different styles of places let you sit down to hearty breakfasts, grab lunches on the go, toast special occasions at dinner or pick up late-night bites on your way home for the evening. Discover a few of our favorite Seaside, Oregon, restaurants in the below listing.