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What to eat in the Long Beach, WA, restaurants is one of the biggest decisions you’ll face while you’re here. And, as you know, it’s a decision you’ll face up to three times a day! In some coastal destinations that would be a problem, but not on the Long Beach Peninsula. Here you’ll find an abundance of restaurants offering a wide range of Pacific Northwest cuisine and other choices. Let’s start with seafood because that’s just about everyone’s favorite in Long Beach, WA, restaurants. The peninsula’s location where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean provides a wealth of fresh seafood. Fried razor clams, clam chowder, lobster chowder, Dungeness crab, wild salmon, tuna, halibut and sturgeon are favorites, but it’s the legendary Willapa Bay oysters, both wild and cultivated, that draw foodies from around the world. Other locally harvested foods include cranberries and other berries, wild mushrooms and a variety of produce. In addition to seafood and farm-to-table fare, you’ll also find options for Thai and Mexican cuisine and traditional American fare like burgers, pizza, steaks and chicken.

A Wide Variety of Long Beach Peninsula Restaurants

Long Beach Peninsula Restaurants offer something for everyone. To start the day you’ll find bakeries and coffee shops where you can hurry through quickly or linger with the newspaper, along with restaurants offering the hearty breakfast you’ll need for a day full of activity. For lunch or dinner there are chowder houses and steak houses, burger joints and delis, chef-led farm-to-table bistros and family-oriented pizza parlors. There are bakeries and ice cream shops, drive-ins and sports bars, locals-oriented taverns and tourist favorite beach bars. You definitely will not go hungry in the Long Beach, WA, restaurants.