There’s no doubt that you’ll eat well at Astoria, Oregon, restaurants. The area prides itself on its appeal among foodies. Here, diners will find everything ranging from creative concoctions that wow even the most adventurous eaters to home-style fare that fuels whatever adventures the day may hold. The dominant trend among Astoria, Oregon, restaurants is to feature farm to table menus that primarily use ingredients, seasonal and sourced from the region’s farms, waters, forests and vineyards.

Dining out is an excellent way to enjoy the flavors of Astoria, Oregon, and the flavors of the seasons. Sample chinook salmon straight from the Columbia River. Get a craft beer at a local brewery and pair it with a free-range bison burger. For a quintessential North Coast experience, chase away a chilly wind with a hearty bowl of Oregon-style clam chowder. When you’re ready to switch it up, Astoria, Oregon, restaurants also let you expand your culinary journey to flavors from the Southwest, the Bayou, Mexico, Bosnia, the Mediterranean, Japan, India and more.

Discover Culture at Astoria, Oregon, Restaurants

One charming aspect of many of the eateries in Astoria, Oregon, is their personality. Independent Astoria, Oregon, restaurants pride themselves in their singularity, and each place stands out on its own, whether through their menu, background, building or their general vibe.

From mom and pop-owned bistros to the funky cafes filled with hipsters; family friendly pizza places to upscale restaurants in Astoria’s downtown and Uniontown areas; or bakeries that have received national attention to hole in the wall fish and chip dives that locals flock to, the dining options in Astoria, Oregon, are infused with the area’s charm. Use the listing below to learn about every restaurant in Warrenton and Astoria, Oregon, and get excited for your own eating expedition.