Take off to Tillamook

The Aerospacelines Mini Guppy greets visitors on their way in

In a place enriched with such a well-preserved and inspiring natural environment and a number of one-of-a-kind attractions too, there’s no shortage of Tillamook activities to do and explore. The best part of these activities is that you can use them to experience almost every facet of Tillamook. Participate in them to discover the local culture and history, the native flora and fauna, the farm-to-table food scene and to feel part of the tight-knit communities that make up this area.

Many of these things to do and programs engage you, and they vary in length so you can easily try different Tillamook activities throughout your day or make one into a day-long experience. Take tours by bus, by historic steam locomotive or by your own two feet.

Try the tours and tastings at the independent wineries and breweries in Tillamook. Visit museums that celebrate dairy, pioneers and even quilts. Just look around and you’ll find quite the myriad happenings, developed around topics ranging from aeronautics to artichokes.

The Main Elements of Tillamook Activities

It should come as no surprise that cheese, trees and the ocean breeze play a featured role in Tillamook activities. Visit creameries where you can take tours and learn all about the magic behind the famous Tillamook cheese. Go on a charter fishing trip, guided by captains who know these waters and fish patterns like the back of their hands. Immerse yourself in Tillamook’s forests next to an expert who will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about trees, controlled burn practices and more.

Many of Tillamook’s attractions offer their own activities and programs that not only help you better appreciate the attractions’ significance but also create unforgettable memories of your time on the North Coast. Check out the listing below to see when and where every Tillamook activity is offered, including those in Bay City, Netarts, Oceanside, Rockaway Beach and Garibaldi.

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