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In a place enriched with such a well-preserved and inspiring natural environment and a number of one-of-a-kind attractions too, there’s no shortage of Tillamook activities to do and explore. The best part of these activities is that you can use them to experience almost every facet of Tillam…

Things To Do in Tillmook

Including Bay City, Netarts, Oceanside, Garibaldi & Rockaway Beach

When you have an area that encompasses a handful of small beach towns, each with its own personality, you know you will always find adventures. The list of Tillamook things to do goes well beyond the obvious – but still mightily worthy – outdoors-oriented choices. But let's start with those since they are so popular. Most people who visit this area, and particularly those who live here, are drawn to the sea and the environmental wonderland it creates.

One of the most awe-inspiring is Oswald State Park, a verdant, dense rainforest that hugs the coast in this area for miles. Within its borders, among the many things to do in Tillamook are hiking and surfing.

Then, head off to explore Cape Lookout State Park, the Tillamook Forest Center and the Munson Creek Falls. Then there are the trees! If you're a tree hugger, you're in heaven here since these towering evergreens overlook most of the area.

But moving inside, the list of Tillamook things to do is still long and interesting. Love ice cream and cheese? Definitely come for a visit! The milk from our pretty cows produces some pretty amazing products, and you can learn all about them at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, which was established close to 125 years ago. Stop into local museums that feature pioneer history, quilts and WWII air defense.

Still More Things to Do in Tillamook!

By now you can tell that it’s not hard to have a bevy of choices for activities here. Other Tillamook things to do are to get a relaxing massage or take a yoga class.

Go bowling with the kids – they love that activity! Hop into a kayak and explore the area waterways or take an eco-tour. Take a hike and look for the abundant wildlife that resides here.

If you’re a music lover, go hear chamber music or attend a blues festival. Sign up for a fishing charter or go clamming and crabbing. And, when all is said and done, one of the easiest, and certainly one of calmest, things to do in Tillamook is simply to find a nice perch, cast your eyes toward the sea and watch the sun set.

Tillamook Attractions

Including Bay City, Netarts, Oceanside, Garibaldi & Rockaway Beach

Here in Tillamook it comes as little surprise that the main attractions involve some form of cheese, trees or ocean breeze. After all, there are few places in the country that do a better job of showcasing them! Tillamook attractions are an exciting and engaging way to discover the North Coast’s environment, history and culture.

Uncover Oregon’s railroad while you ride a historic steam locomotive and marvel at views of blimp hangars, the towns and the Nehalem and Salmonberry River Canyons. Learn how the famous Tillamook cheese gets made, and take a moment to thank those hardworking cows too.

Discover Tillamook’s environmental wealth and the native flora and fauna when you’re immersed in it alongside an expert. Attractions include a number of state parks and wilderness areas that offer you the opportunity to enjoy the wondrous feeling that only nature’s solitude can provide. It doesn’t matter your age or if you’re interested in forest bathing, beachcombing, dining, history, learning or some combination of it all – you’ll find Tillamook attractions to suit your style.

Get Quirky With Tillamook Attractions

Tillamook attractions are ones that shouldn’t be missed. Not only are they fun to do and see, but they’re full of personality and quirk that make them unlike attractions elsewhere. Go to a cheese museum and find North Coast flavor, literally, in an on-site creamery.

Other attractions explore how quilting is woven into Tillamook’s culture or about aspects of local history, ranging from pioneers to aeronautics. Experience the North Coast’s impressive fishing scene at marinas and charters that take you to where you can catch those silvery chinook salmon for yourself.

Use our listing below to learn about where you can find Tillamook’s hottest attractions . . . and then some! When you’re ready to stretch your wings and experience more of the North Coast, find out about every Northern Oregon Coast Attraction here.