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In a place enriched with such a well-preserved and inspiring natural environment and a number of one-of-a-kind attractions too, there’s no shortage of Tillamook activities to do and explore. The best part of these activities is that you can use them to experience almost every facet of Tillam…

Visit Tillamook

Including Bay City, Netarts, Oceanside, Garibaldi and Rockaway Beach

Each town along the Tillamook Coast has its own personality. Here, you'll never find yourself without an adventure. Most who visit and live in this area are drawn to the meeting of land and sea, a sight of natural wonder.

Find adventure on the cliffs and trails near Cape Meares Ligthouse, exploring the towns of Oceanside and Netarts along the Three Capes Scenic Loop. Here, a dense rainforest hugs the coast for miles, and it's a perfect spot to find solitude.

Next, head off to explore Cape Lookout State Park, the Tillamook Forest Center and the lovely Munson Creek Falls. Be sure to look up to the canopy above, as towering evergreens overlook most of the area.

For enjoyment indoors, book a massage or a spa trip. Look for festivals in the area too, such as those featuring chamber music and blues. At the end of the evening, catch a beautiful sunset over the Pacific.

The coast's dairylands

It comes as little surprise that many visit Tillamook for its famous dairy products, including the famous Tillamook cheese. Learn how it's made and thank a hard working cow at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, established over a century ago, then head over to a cheese museum or tour a creamery.

For more historical adventures, uncover Oregon’s railroad tales while you ride a historic steam locomotive and marvel at views of the Nehalem and Salmonberry River Canyons. Or explore how quilting is woven into Tillamook’s culture, ranging from pioneers to aeronautics.

Discover Tillamook’s natural history through beautiful native flora and fauna alongside an expert. Visit state parks and wilderness areas that offer you the opportunity to enjoy the wonders only nature can provide.