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Manzanita Things To Do

To consider Manzanita things to do, one has to first envision nearly endless expanses of pristine sandy beaches, conifer-covered coastal mountains and the wayward waterways that snake through the Tri-Village area. Take your shoes off and walk the miles of open beachscape, enjoying the crisp Pacific Ocean air that blows in throughout the year, and be sure to catch the sunset when you can.

Maybe you prefer a little more exercise with your view, so take to the trails that wind in, around and over Manzanita for that perfect Oregon Coast experience. Want to get out on the water? Rest assured there are numerous options for kayaking, boating or even standup paddleboarding available to you and your entire family.

For the angler, there are lots of things to do in Manzanita, such as catching Dungeness crab, getting muddy going after some bay clams or maybe casting a line for some silvery salmon. Manzanita has it all, from golfing, shopping, fishing and hiking.

Things to Do in Manzanita and Beyond

Manzanita things to do don't only happen en plein air and with exertion! There are lots of options to consider when spending your time in Manzanita.

Visit local wineries that specialize in a wide variety of vintages, from local blackberry-flavored dessert wines to the classic chardonnay, pinot gris, noir and cabernet sauvignon, or enjoy a stroll through a museum or art gallery.

Take a drive to one of the most epic viewpoints on the entire north Oregon Coast and watch the endless waves wash over the beach below. Visit seasonal farmers markets, pet-friendly festivals, bazaars and various shopping ventures held throughout the year.

You’ll get to know Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler well by taking advantage of all the fun these towns have to offer. Check the listings below to see all the Manzanita things to do, available to you.

Manzanita Attractions

The beach is the primary draw, of course, for this part of the northern Oregon Coast, but Manzanita attractions extend well past the sandy dunes. Museums and cultural sites can keep you exploring for hours. Or take a ride on the only coastal scenic train in the nation.

Visit Wheeler and pedal your way up the seldom-used railroad on a custom-built rail bike, visit a quaint local winery that specializes in dessert-quality vintages or visit the upper Nehalem River for swimming, fishing and exploring – it's a Manzanita attraction in and of itself, even without all the recreational activities it provides.

Similarly, we count our trails that provide you with world-class views to be attractions too, not simply hikes to take. Camp in a yurt at a local state campground or launch balls down the range at a golf course that’s off the beaten path. Throughout Manzanita and the Tri-Villages of Nehalem and Wheeler there are numerous spots to see and experience that make Manzanita attractions something special to behold.

Historical Manzanita Attractions to See!

Embrace the Manzanita area’s rich and vibrant history by seeing some Manzanita attractions that have stood the test of time. Learn, see, and feel the physical past by taking the time to visit some of the Tri-Village area’s most historic locations.

Check out Manzanita’s original public meeting house that is listed on the national registry of historic places, learn about Nehalem’s longtime standing as a tribal place of trade, fishing and culture and see the old pilings still jutting out of the bay in Wheeler that were once the backbone of the area’s epic logging days.

Get your spook on by visiting, or even staying in, a hotel that’s supposedly haunted! There’s no shortage of Manzanita attractions when visiting the Tri-Villages.