Best Hiking Trail
Discovery Trail
Long Beach Peninsula

Discovery Trail provided great views for kite festival fans in 2017.

There are many Long Beach, WA, activities and programs to do throughout the year. You can join in on lectures, community events and get-togethers, exercise and craft classes, bazaars and markets where locals and visitors gather as well as many festivals that attract crowds throughout the year. With the multitude of recreational activities such as boating, fishing, clamming, surfing, horseback riding, golfing, bicycling and hiking throughout much of the year, you'll find guides, teachers and group classes that will increase your knowledge and/or expertise in these activities so you can be outside and enjoy the mild temperate climate of the Long Beach Peninsula area.

During the warm summer months picnicking and swimming are popular at many points along the Peninsula. The area's scenic beauty and wildlife make outdoor activities enjoyable such as whale watching, bird watching and surf fishing. Again, you'll find tours and guides to help you get the most out of these activities. You can keep track of all of the Long Beach, WA, activities and programs here by checking this section often.

Explore Long Beach Town Activities and Programs

The town of Long Beach, WA, is a mecca for visitors who flock to the many eateries, shops and carnival area. Ride the go-carts, eat lunch at a chowder house or cafe and visit the quirky Marsh Museum. Guests can stay in a hotel or cottage in Long Beach where they can fly a kite in the windy weather, rent a surrey or roast hot dogs and marshmallows on the beach for some old-fashioned family fun.

Long Beach’s Boardwalk connects with the 8.5-mile Discovery Trail to Leadbetter Point and is an attraction for beachcombers who picnic, bird watch, walk the wooden walkway or just view the Pacific Ocean. Join in all of the Long Beach, WA, activities and programs that the town has to offer for a delightful and relaxing time.

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