The Vinyl Frontiers

Places on the North Oregon Coast to revel in the resurgence of records Story by Erick bengel • Photos by Colin Murphey A few years ago, North Oregon Coast shop owners who carry records noticed an odd trend: Vinyl was suddenly selling again, big time. The curious comeback of this antiquated medium — the so-called […]

The Liberty Theatre’s Comeback

Venue’s history is a three-act drama: a rise, a fall, a restoration Story by MJ Cody • Main photo by Colin Murphey From rocky, raucous beginnings in 1811, Astoria grew exponentially, yet citizens were still decrying its rough atmosphere a century later. One resident wrote in a letter to the Astorian Evening Budget in 1915 that it was […]

Chinese in Astoria: The Garden of Surging Waves

Captures troubling past, hope for the future Story by Lynette Rae McAdams • Photos by Colin murphey On the corner of 11th and Duane streets in Astoria, tucked tight to the breast of the downtown core, a splendid but enigmatic city park is speaking volumes of history while barely uttering a word. At once beautiful […]

AT HOME: Eclectic Tolovana cottage

Cannon Beach house built from other house parts Story by Nancy McCarthy • Photos by Colin Murphey At first glance, the house that Jerry built in Tolovana Park appears to be a beach cottage similar to others on Pacific Street. But look up: A tower stretches toward the sky. It’s a hint that this home may be just […]

Eat & Drink: Feasts. Eateries. Libations. Recipes.

OUR PICKS There’s no shortage of places in the Columbia Pacific to find a good meal. Whether you’re looking for homemade baked goods, a fine evening dinner, or some fresh seafood, let these fabulous food finds inspire you. MacGregor’s Whiskey Bar Manzanita, Oregon Mark Twain famously said that “too much of anything is bad, but […]

Do & See: Artistry. Outdoors. Adventures. Pastimes.

OUR PICKS The Columbia Pacific is a playground for every type of explorer, whether you’re an art lover, history buff, sports junkie, or wilderness nut. Here are some of our favorite ways to have an adventure when you’re out and about. Short Sand Beach Oswald West State Park, Oregon About 10 miles south of Cannon […]